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Reisi is a young mature doe rabbit. She was gifted to me as a dwarf. But, it seems it isn-t true. My living arrangements can no longer accommodate her free spirit. Lol She comes with a potty/feeder as she is potty trained.
Hey I am looking for an adult female sulcata. I recently had one of my female sulcatas die and I have been looking to get another one. Does anyone know where to get one?
I looking for young adult Male Great pyrenees for the farm. Please text me. 281 250 2857.
My grandmother passed away and she owned a small poodle that she loved dearly. I didn’t get a chance to say my goodbyes to her so I’m pretty upset and sad about it. I’m in search to adopt a poodle in memory of my grandmother and name the poodle after my grandmother so I can somehow feel more connected to her “I miss her”. I absolutely adore all animals so the puppy will definitely get lots cudd...
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