Boer Goats

Have 2 boer kids for sale. Traditional colors. Born March 20, 2012. Both around 40lbs, asking $400 for the pair which is 300 less than what I paid. Selling them together only, and NOT for eating. Great for Harris Co Expo, or starter goats. Contact Hunter at 832-247-7712. Thank you
BOER SPANISH CROSSES YOUNG GOATS1 Female 1 Dark Brown With Small White Spot on Head and Small Stripe on SideDOB 040119Nanny is red dappled female and billy is dark brown$225 2 Males 1 Dark Brown White 1 Dark BrownDOB 032819Nanny is black dappled female and billy is dark brown$200 EachContact Amy at via phonetextemailSearch Words boar, boer, goat, goats, nanny, nannies, billy, billies, buck, buc...